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Jan. 13th, 2011

Alexander Giggle

Back from Milan, Off to Morocco!

Memo to self: Going to a friend's house to get drunk on cider when you have to be at an airport at 5am in the morning... is not a good idea.  I woke up in some bizzare tipsy-after-drunk state, and then had the pleasure of being awake as the hangover symptoms developed.  By 7am I was resorting to "head between knees" while sitting in the airport departures lounge.  Arghhhh...

But, anywho, mission successful, I collected the money without a hitch, and was able to give a hello to my lovely Milan.  So now just a few more hours an then I'm off to Morocco...

Jan. 10th, 2011

Frollo Thinking Sin

It'll Look Good on my CV when I Apply for the Mafia.

So, the last three weeks have been rather lovely.  No study (except the odd bit of Italian/French) and whole lot of eating, snoozing and going to the cinema ("The kings speech" is indeed amazing, go see it).  Yep, it's been a nice Christmas ^_^

Back from holidays, on Thursday, I'm flying out to Morocco, and the day before that?  By an unexpected and kinda irritating twist of events, I'm having to fly out in one day to Milan and back... in order to cash a cheque in an Italian bank. 

Unfortunately, the saga of the wrong payment (I'm sure I've mentioned this before...) continued as the cheque the University gave me, after two months of moaning to the finance department, can only be cashed in a particular Italian bank.  Alas, I didn't find this out until I attempted  to cash it in the UK and succeeded only in looking like some pawn for a criminal organisation trying to cash dodgey foreign cheques. Thus, I'm having to make a blitz trip to Milan, cash the cheque of... er... 2000 Euros, bring it back through the airport, and deposit it all in the UK the morning before flying to Morocco. 

In other words, I'm going to spend Wednesday pretending to be a gangster!

Dec. 13th, 2010

Greenday Step Sideways

There Isn't a Good Enough Adjective to Describe my Current Excitement, Anticipation Levels!

Nine days till I go home for Christmas, for three weeks of luxurious nothing (other then stuffing myself on food, drink and good company), and one month till I jet off to Morocco ^__^  This means, in fact, that during the course of 1 year I will have lived in three countries.  Four if Ithings go my way and I manage to get a summer job in France next July.  But, we'll see about that...

Additionally, have a photo of me being a somewhat goofy traveller-tourist last week in Florence.

Che bello!

Nov. 19th, 2010

Brit Different

OMG: An LJ Post!?!

Hello again LJ!  Apologies for being absent the past month or two, but I've been in internet limbo untill last week when I discovered how to steal my neighbours internet connection *maniacal laughter*.  Ahem.  To summarise the past while, things have being going pretty good, although, of course, interspersed with alot of time consuming, needless beauracracy that comes with being a third year student in Italy.  Forms for going to Morroco, forms to applying to law school next year, forms to enroll for the French Diploma B1 exam  etc... And to mention the most catastrophic gaffe of late, my Dad managed to forget the name of my University and so paid the fees not to "Universita Bocconi", but "Universita Biccoca".  Thus, much time has been spent travelling to the finance office of Biccoca University situated on the other side of Milan from my flat (hey, I should be thankful the Uni was in Milan, not Rome!).  Because I enjoy so much spending time at my own universitiy's finance office, I clearly need to spend time at another university's finance office as well DX

Academically speaking, the first half of this semester has gone swimmingly.  I attended all my classes, made good notes and read all the materials, and so did well in my midterms, only failing one subject, which I'm really pleased with.  Unfortunately, these past two weeks, when classes started up again after exams, I've rather fallen off the "good student bandwagon" and have missed about half of my classes and have barely opened a book since October.  Pretty much academic suicide, and to be honest I'm not quite sure why its happened. A large contributing factor is that the new timetable this semi-semester schedules lessons at 8:45 Monday to Friday, and I don't resurface from sleep by that time (I have no idea how on earth I managed to get to work for 9am for two months over the summer), in short leading to a load of missed class.  Secondly, these past two weeks I've been busy preparing for my DELF B1 exam in French, so economics has had to take a back seat for a while.  The fact that I really can't afford to fail any more exams if I want to graduate "on time" means I'm just gonna have to pull some crazy-caffine-pumped- all-nighters to catch up again next week.

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Sep. 27th, 2010

Greenday Step Sideways

Brought to you by a Limited Internet Connection and a Cable Fixed via Chewing Gum.

Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, class, books, life, drink, magazine, languages, passed exams, failed exams, studenthood, the future...

Busy, busy, busy, busy...

Sep. 7th, 2010

Greenday Step Sideways

Welcome Back l'Italia.

At Univeristy, I have been in the midst of a beauracratic nightmare RE: Trying to enrol for my third year.

Seriously, if I have to stand in one more queue for one more office I think I am going to combust...

Aug. 27th, 2010

Brit Different

And BTW, Yes I am Serious.


On my last night staying in my Uncle's house he gave me some advice, in full on "if I was your age" format.

To quote him, China is the land of oppurtunity in the 21st century.  He advised me to enrol in a Chinese Uni to get in, and then start rolling from there.


This has very much planted the seed of an idea in my head to immigrate to Hong Kong...

Aug. 24th, 2010

Lasanga Shortage

Hello, Miscellaneous Thoughts Regarding My Life.

Just two more days left of work and then I am rewarded once more with freedom, studenthood and unemployment.  These two months have gone like a gunshot, which is a slightly odd paradox considering there have been some afternoons at work (particulaly those towards the end of the week) that seem to drag on infinitely, yet run them all together in a 9-5 routine and it seems time has gone like a flash.

As someone whose never worked a proper job before, I think I've learnt alot.  Well, alot of little, yet important lessons of job ettiquete.  Such as how to win favour by frequently offering to make tea (vital in a British office where a day of work is a continous tea binge); not to criticise previous work when you don't know who created it, and thus that someone could indeed be sitting next to you as you criticise (oops); and just how damn difficult it is to try and get all of your co-workers to like you (impossible with office politics, loyalties have to be picked some way or the another).

Thursday is my last day, and then on Friday I'm buggering off to London with my school friends to hang out, look at things we can't afford, have a drink and finally see Chicago.  Then its back to my parents house for the weekend to see my long lost family. 
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Jul. 16th, 2010

Alexander Giggle

This is All Going to End in Egomania...

So, I've just finsihed my second week of work, and... how can I say this without sounding completely big headed?

I'm totally the "Young Hot Shot" of the office XD

Modesty Fail.

Jul. 14th, 2010

Greenday Step Sideways

If you Could Describe a Post as Muggy, This Would be it.

It's 7am on a Wednesday, I'm just a little hungover from the night before and I've got in front of me 9 till 5 of looking at a statistics report on the Mexican economy in Spanish: Yes, people I'm working!

This is actually day 8 of my first "official" job, and I have to say so far I'm really quite enjoying it, and I know that this statement, considering it's an office job, means I'm commiting some kind of Bohemien high treason, but there it is.  I am enjoying my first 9-5 office job like I never thought I could. 

And I think anyone who has a great interest in economics like myself would be enjoying it.  My job is to research South America: I have to create profiles on individual South American logistics companies, and to produce a nice long report on the South American logistics by the end of the two months.  In other words, far more responsibility then any other second year economics student could ever dream.

Living in Wiltshire in my Uncle's huge house has also been a cosier arrangement then expected, mainly due to the inexhaustible flows of alcohol that exist there.  And if you have large, free and steady supply of alcohol in the house, then does anything else really matter?  Certainly makes country life a little less dull anyway.  After two years of being converted to the buzz of city, I'm having to readapt to country pursuits.  In that cause, I spent Saturday horse riding and Sunday cycling, and am now totally sore.

Actually, the worst thing about office work is that you spend 8 hours sitting with your backside on a chair, which is absoloutly destroying for your fitness.  Thus, after the first week, myself and the "girl with the desk next to mine" are decding to set an example to the 21st century by cycling  to work.  After two months of a daily 5 mile cycle I'll be entering (a heavily abridged version of) the Tour de France! 

Seriously, you have no idea of the conviction it takes to be both simultaneously a drinker and a fitness freak.  It means you consume alot of bananas for their joint propeties of being a source of energy and for curing hangovers.  Anyway, I don't think I can be classed as a "drinker", more just a "heavy social drinker".  For instance, Tuesday evening was spent hanging out with a French girl (who alas does not like Hugo).  Obviously, on such an occasion red wine, must be consumed in copious amounts!

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